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  • A Statement from Professor Marty Claypool

    October 17, 2022     Dr. Claypool   0 Comment     News

    For Immediate Release September 18, 2021 Re: Professor Claypool’s Statement on Students’ Film As many of you probably already know, I have faced much criticism for digging through the footage my students shot on May 1 & 2 of 2021 and turning it into a narrative feature film. I have been told over and again; […]

  • Post’No human knows:’ Devil’s Tramping Ground legend predates founding of the United States

    October 16, 2022     Dr. Claypool   0 Comment     News

    SILER CITY, N.C. — It seems like the mystery of the Devil’s Tramping Ground has always been part of North Carolina’s mythology. However, all stories must have a beginning, and many would be surprised to discover written accounts of the tramping ground dating back into the 1800s – and oral accounts dating back to before the […]

  • A 120-year-old legend concerning an empty circular patch in the North Carolina woods.

    October 15, 2022     Dr. Claypool   0 Comment         News

    SET BACK FROM THE MAIN road is an empty patch of woods, a dusty circle, barren of plant life, about 15’ wide where, according to stories dating back to 1882, the devil comes to dance. The stories go on to say nothing will grow there and animals won’t cross this empty patch of woods. Known as […]

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